We offer excellent design for your marketing documents.

We offer excellent design for your marketing documents.

Clinical Trial Translations
Our clinical trial translation services teams translate the full range of documents related to clinical trials, whether they contain scientific, medical, legal, or plain language content.Regulated Translation & Localization Drug Labeling and Validation We translate and validate primary, secondary, and tertiary labels for investigational drugs, placebo, comparator drugs, or auxiliary medicinal drugs used for clinical protocol endpoints, ensuring your labels comply with all international and FDA drug labeling requirements for generic, OTC, and brand-name medications. Regulated Translation & Localization Medical Devices Translation We translate IFUs (Instructions For Use), product inserts, packaging materials, technical manuals and user guides to keep users of your devices safe and to comply with global translation requirements for medical devices. Regulated Translation & Localization ECOA ECOAs, or electronic clinical outcome assessments, are important components of the regulatory process. We translate and validate all types of COAs, support copyright and licensing, and help migrate ECOA services from paper to digital files, facilitating your compliance with ECOA regulations. 


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